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Linz Motors offers an extensive range of vehicle alignment and set up. Wheel alignment can be crucial to tyre life, handling and safety. With the facilities to perform wheel alignments in house we are able to ensure that your entire suspension system is operating correctly and avoid expensive reactive maintenance that can be caused by undiagnosed alignment and suspension issues.


  • We put our customers first and always ensure that you are satisfied
  • We are a friendly, helpful and professional team of qualified mechanics
  • We are factory trained specialists and know how to handle a wide range of services
  • We keep you in the loop with what we are doing to your vehicle
  • We offer competitive prices and are an excellent dealer alternative


  • Will it void my warranty using Linz Motors?

    No, it will not. Because we are using genuine or OEM equivalent parts and oils, warranty is not voided. We are an approved workshop and have a great relationship with OEM suppliers.

  • Can you offer an over the phone quote?

    Yes, we are able to offer an over the phone quote, but no first price guarantee. We strive to offer as accurate of a quote as we can and we will work hard to stick to it.

  • Is there any risk of a nasty surprise bill at the end of my visit?

    We ensure that all work carried out is only as necessary and we go to great lengths to avoid bill shock. During the job if there is any extra expenses you will be notified before proceeding.

  • Can I get a loan car while mine is being worked on?

    Yes, we have a VW Golf available for those getting extensive work done.*

    *Subject to availability.

  • Can you organise extra mechanical services that you do not offer in house?

    Yes, if your vehicle requires a service that we are not able to offer in house we are happy to organise this to save you the trouble.

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